Pôr do sol em Deadvlei, Namíbia.

I have just got back from an amazing three-week expedition to Namibia, Africa, with one of its best company safari operators – Africa Geographic, and guided by Dr. Christian Boix Hinzen, an ornithologist with a great passion for nature, photography, Africa and adventure, with a PhD on birds science.

I have acquired a new sense for photography by experiencing so lively the Namibian wilderness along with their people, traditions and culture.

Regarding this particular photo, it was for me a dream come true to have the opportunity of walking on the salt pan of Deadvlei with its famous old camel thorn trees.

I got instantly emotional and had to hold on in order to get proper exposures on my cameras.

It was a windy and moody sunset, blasts of sand creating a particular atmosphere to an already incredible landscape. I had just about 15min before the sun light would cease to hit the trees. And there we stayed for the night fall, with stars and the side lighting of a rising moon was also unforgettable.

Today, I proudly commence this new series on Namibia and hope to inspire your senses for nature conservation, appreciation and preservation as well as traveling and (re)discovering the world.

First appeared at https://www.instagram.com/p/BK8DId6hJAI/?taken-by=priamomelo

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