Land of ice

It’s the inner journey that, in the end, matters most.

To find order in the heart beats and allow the flux of emotions, ideas and concepts out of them to be concretized in photographic images. This can be a long journey indeed.

I am today finishing a great month of experiencing great places of the beautiful planet we live in: first, the amazing deserts, lagunas, volcanos, mountains and geisers of Chile’s Atacama Desert and Bolivia’s Uyuni Salar and surroundings in South America; then, afterwards, a change of approach to get engaged in an intense tour around Iceland, some 66 degrees North ❄ . Quite a change and quite an adventure.

I have so much to tell and show you!

With time, I’ll be posting a sample of these excursions to pristine nature and the outdoors.

Being there! Being there is just a very necessity for landscape photographers and nature lovers and, no matter the weather, no matter the difficulties to move forward, we relentlessly strive to capture some quintessential attributes of Mother Nature, or Pacha Mama, as it is said in the altiplanic culture of the Andes.

The opening of this series is nordic, pure ice and mountain, the simplicity of Iceland’s terrain. The basic elements of this very piece of landscape.

I would like to thank the best companionships ever for these travels, first Simone Vieira @sivieira75 (❤) and afterwards Rogério Barros (👊). For the South America tour, also thanks to our great and funny guides, Felipe (Chile) and David (Bolivia) ➡ 🙏🙏🙏. You all made the diffference.

I am very happy to be flying home today after all this!

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