Lua Vermelha em Tiradentes/MG

That was a fantastic Friday! We had decided to take the weekend off the big city and spend it in a historical Brazilian town, Tiradentes, in the state of Minas Gerais. We couldn’t leave Rio as early as we desired, and the ETA was just about the time the eclipsed red moon would rise in the sky. We rushed for a higher point in the city, which is located its main church (Igreja da Matriz) and there, in the gardens, a crowd was already waiting for the most advertised phenomenon. We got there just in time for us to make photographs like this one, quite straight, no foreground, jus our beautiful moon in a majestic appearance. Lucky us, now having photographed a moon eclipse along side last year’s sun’s eclipse we photographed from Chilean Patagonia (please find this image in the gallery). Cheers to you all, have a great week ahead!

PS: By the way, Mars was also red and bright Northeast in the sky is respect to the moon, bit it is not shown here.

A luz vermelha durante o eclipse (27 de julho de 2018). Red Eclipsed Moon (July 27th, 2018).

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