Reynisdrangar – As Três Belas

Reynisdrangar volcanic rocks, Vík, Iceland.

Reynisdrangar, the three columns of volcanic rock in the ocean in Vík, Iceland, are epic. We had previously saw them with awe from another majestic location in Iceland, Dyrhólaey – The Arch with the Hole (more about it later). Then we drove for Vík to grab some food for breakfast and there they were, just outside the window of the sandwich shop. Hurried I swallowed my burger and we drove to Vik’s black sand beach, mostly empty of visitors, a glorious scenario set up by God only for us, Roger and I, to mount our tripods and start having fun. Mild wind conditions (untypical in Icelandic beaches in Winter) helped me with the use of a neutral density filter to elongate the exposure time just enough to change the water into some smooth path all the way towards Reynisdrangar basalt columns. It was mid morning, the Sun already up in the sky, and still possibilities available for landscape photography. By the way, the local folklore about Reynisdrangar is very interesting. “According to legend, a couple of trolls saw a ship out to sea by night, and waded out to reach it. They got hold of it, and began to drag it to shore, but as so often happens in troll stories, they got their timing wrong. Before they were even close to getting to the shade, dawn broke. The trolls and ship were instantly frozen into stone, and they have remained immortalised since, as a warning to their kin.” (Source of the quoted text:

Para mais sobre a Islândia, use a ferramenta de busca, acima à direita. Para ver mais fotos dessa expedição, clique no Portfólio Ice & Fire. Post originalmente publicado no meu perfil no Instagram @priamomelo.

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